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Fletcher Prevention Services

An Active Prevention Service For Promoting Healthy Communities!

Fletcher Prevention Services partners with The Songwriters Association of Delaware (SWADE). SWADE is an organization designed to serve as a vehicle of exchange, support, and education for songwriters of Delaware and the surrounding areas. SWADE is geared towards new and seasoned songwriters of all ages, creeds, and backgrounds.


SWADE is Delaware's premier gathering place for creative composers, lyricists, and musicians. With meetings once a month, membership offers tools to help deepen your understanding of your craft thereby strengthening your passion.

Group Listening Sessions

Jam Sessions


and Fellowship

Meet the Songwriter

Lisa Fletcher-Hanson

Interested in joining SWADE? Let's Talk.​

P.O. Box 12131

​Wilmington, DE 19850

[email protected]

Tel: 302-898-1276