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Fletcher Prevention Services

An Active Prevention Service For Promoting Healthy Communities!

Consultation Services

Fletcher Prevention Services recognizes that enhancing the skill base of your employees enhances the functioning of your organization. We offers consultation services developed for businesses to prevent problems from negatively affecting the health and productivity of their employees.

​The most valuable resource of any organization is their Human Resources.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our EAP provides assessment, counseling sessions, wellness programs, workman compensation evaluations, manager and supervisor training and consultation, and critical incident intervention. We particularly attend to the philosophy and policies of your company when managing problems that contribute to declining workplace performance.

Management Team Evaluation and Training

We can help you objectively analyze the effectiveness and impact of your training, so that you can improve it in the future. We will design team building programs that incorporate the culture and goals of your company.

Critical Incident Debriefing

We offer a supportive, crisis-focused discussion of a traumatic event (which is frequently called a “critical incident”). This is completed in a specific, 7-phase, small group, supportive crisis intervention process.

Violence Potential Assessment

We work with organizations to proactively create safe work environments. We are able to provide general consulting around violence prevention planning, support in developing violence threat assessment plans and teams, or facilitate more detailed violence risk assessment.

Executive Coaching

We provide face-to-face sessions with CEO’s, President’s, business owners, executives, and managers, in confidentiality, to achieve clear goals resulting in improved performance. We focus on real lasting, measurable behavioral changes that make a real impact on things like individual productivity, goals achievement, and top and bottom line impact.

Cultural Competence Training

Our cultural competency training will help you and your staff build awareness, knowledge, and skills in developing and implementing inclusive and responsive practices through a variety of teaching methods including direct instruction, role playing, case studies, facilitated group discussions, and technology/media.


We offers a variety of workshops and seminars designed to improve the effectiveness and productivity of your employees as individuals as well as corporate teams. Seminars include (but are not limited to) Behavioral Health Programs, stress management, team building, violence prevention, sexual harassment, diversity and a variety of clinically related topics.